About Parkemoor

Our mission is to create inviting, comfortable spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of our client.

About Parkemoor- Founded in 2004 to bring better-quality, customizable product to the home décor consumer, Parkemoor combines the look and feel of a furniture showroom with the personalized opportunities of a design studio. Parkemoor has very strong, personal relationships with the manufacturers they represent, which insures a high level of attention to your custom order and guaranteed customer satisfaction with the final product. This dedication to quality and satisfaction has garnered Parkemoor multiple “Best of” Awards and featured articles in home and design publications.

Our Retail Philosophy– The average shopper is not aware of the full breadth of available product. It is our job as good designers/retailers, to listen to the customer’s wish list, their budget and space requirements and present options that will help them create beautiful furniture and spaces while addressing their immediate design needs.

Our Design Philosophy– Get to know the customer before developing a design plan, make sure that the client is enjoying the process, and don’t push product on anyone.  Cover the basics, embellish inside the client’s comfort zone and then suggest something outside of it to show other design opportunities. We’ll offer a complete design that can be undertaken at the pace set by the client.

About Ty Christian– Parkemoor founder and owner, Ty Christian, is a design expert with two decades of experience. Cultivating a vast knowledge of design through his experiences spent traveling the globe and living in influential cities, he is known for his ability to merge eras of design elements into a cohesive space.  Ty approaches every project with a fresh perspective, helping clients identify what their wants and needs are for a given area. By providing each client with a broad base of design and product information, coupled with his can-do attitude, Ty is able to achieve Scale, Balance and Continuity within each client’s home. He also has corporate experience in financial planning and analysis, so budget development / adherence and scheduling within design projects is second nature—“on time, and on budget!”

An inveterate gypsy, a native of Kansas and graduate of Kansas State University, Ty can boast that he has lived in both Manhattans, the “Little Apple” of Kansas and the “Big Apple” of New York, with many, many stops in between.